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Our products are used in a wide range of applications including road and rail construction, concrete and asphalt products for building infrastructure projects and much more.  We continue to make large investments in our sites with our ongoing growth and are always striving for greater efficiency.

Owning and operating hard rock quarries means over the years we have become experts in sourcing and processing the product our selves, in fact our aggregates team extract and produce a large range of products every day.

Our customers tell us they like the transparency of knowing they can trace the product back to the source of origin, along with the assurance its the highest quality.  We operate a large modern road transport fleet that offers a round the clock ability to deliver large quantities  in a controlled manner to drive efficiencies for our customers.

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Duncan Gordon-Glassford
027 703 0330 or duncan.gordon-glassf@jswap.co.nz

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