Taranaki T409s RTP


The transport division has gown over the years through the dedication and sheer hard work of the Swap family with a team of valued staff.  With a wealth of specialized knowledge, our team are experts in New Zealand geography and transport legislation allowing us to be the best in our game.

Along with a team of experienced dispatchers and drivers, we have in-house mechanics and an around-the-clock workshop in Matamata which allows us to be self-sufficient and keep or fleet on the road.

We are passionate about our fleet and serious about running an efficient safe operation.  All trucks are company owned and operated, with our high capacity fleet being strategically based around the country. This enables us continuity of service and reliability but also reduces driver fatigue.  GPS and dispatch management systems support the 24/7 operation, but the experience and commitment of our drivers plays an important part in providing superior service to our customers. A regular replacement program ensures our fleet possesses leading edge technology, are fully compliant and up to date with modern emissions standards, along with having the latest safety features.


Along with our huge capacity with around 100 Bulk Tipping Trucks and Trailers, we have specialist Transport Solutions including;

  • Auger and Blower feed trucks for silo deliveries of Stockfoods
  • Bottom Dumping aggregates trailers for the safe and efficient placement of roading aggregates
  • Steel body and 6×6 off road tippers for the trickiest and stickiest of situtaions
  • HPMV Truck and Trailers for, carting large quantities whist reducing truck numbers and increasing efficiency
  • Heavy Haulage of machinery and plant as required by our quarrying and other customers.

Phone: 0800 457 927

Michael Butler
0274 802 338 or michael.butler@jswap.co.nz

Duncan Gordon-Glassford

027 703 0330 or duncan.gordon-glassf@jswap.co.nz

Heavy Haulage – Ian Wilson

0274 380 103 or Ian@jswap.co.nz